Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Feel Pretty!

          When I first found this slab, my first impression was that it had measles—all those little red spots!

     But measles aren’t really much of a cabochon theme.
      It sat on my workbench for a long while; somehow it never got shoved back behind other projects, it just sat there.
     Then it started singing. No whispering for this slab, it loved to sing, and it’s song was I Feel Pretty from West Side Story (hear it at You know what an ear worm is? It’s when a song gets stuck in your head like a broken record and won’t go away. Every time I went into the shop, this rock started belting out this Broadway tune and that darned ear worm was dancing along. 


The slab wasn’t thick enough to make a large cabochon, so I settled on a smallish oval  I decided to try to make it look like a Victorian garden, so maybe it would be demure and quiet once I was done. 
     Okay, now it was pretty, but it wasn't happy. You can see that along with the orbs, it has varying background colors. I thought the orbs over the white area looked a bit like Trix in milk; not exactly an image that made me think of Broadway.

Singing my heart out; ready for my Broadway debut!

     So, I tried again. This time I picked a more-or-less tear-drop shape. I also found a spot were the white was more aggressive. Now it was singing! I got lucky in the white ribbon trip around some of the most interesting bits. Only part of the ribbon showed when I started, but in the work to create the rounded top shape, it came to full glory and he darker, quieter orbs slipped into the background. I say I got lucky with this, because I've found I'm at least as likely to grind away a bit that I liked as to expose one. If you want to compare, this cab was made from the lower right portion of the rock at the top of this page. The white has changed shape somewhat, but there's still a single orb in the center of it.
     I think I'll mount this on a beavertail bail so I don't  have to make a hole near the top that would be distracting.
     I'd love to hear about your experiences with orbs in cabochons. Drop me a note at and let's share! 
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       After the last posting on Druzy, Vugs and Lost Opportunities, reader, Jim Pecora, sent in an image of a cabochon he'd made with a druzy specimen. He mentioned that he had it wire wrapped in silver by Jewelry Hall of Fame member Jim Fowler of New Hampshire.

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